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The Danger of Dezincified Brass Fittings

Certain pex pipe systems used plumbing connections known as yellow brass fittings. These fittings are subject to a process called dezincification which can cause catastrophic leaks and damage to homes, apartments, condos and office buildings. Some manufacturers have been subject to class action lawsuits and the extent of the problem is yet to be fully known.

The fittings are made of inferior quality brass with a high percentage of zinc. As water flows through the pipes the zinc leaches out of the fittings. This process is known as dezincification. Zinc oxide builds up as a white residue and restricts the flow of water, leading to low water pressure. As these fittings corrode further, they pull zinc into your water system. Fixtures can clog and there is an increased potential for the fittings to crack and break.

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Take a look inside this fitting to see how zinc oxide buildup restricts the flow of water.

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A Damaged Brass Fitting

Dezincified yellow brass fitting has corroded and will likely fail.

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