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Nobody has more residential repipe experience than Plumbing Express, the single family division of SageWater

Polybutylene, dezincified yellow brass fittings, aging copper and galvanized pipes are not new problems. SageWater and Plumbing Express (the single-family division of SageWater) have been replacing aging and defective pipes for over 23 years. We are the most experienced home repiper in the nation. We've replaced over 28 million feet of problem pipes in more than 78,000 homes and apartments nationwide.

Plumbing Express offers a neat and efficient solution for replacing defective or aging pipes. Every Plumbing Express team employs our time-tested and efficient One Call Repipe process to minimize costs, delays, and disruption to homeowners. One Call Repipe is a turnkey process that takes care of everything including the plumbing, repairs to drywall, tile and stucco, all painting and thorough cleanup. Clients often state their homes look better following the work than they did before.

Homeowners are pleasantly surprised by how easy a repipe can be.

What to Expect When We Repipe Your Home

Water pipes run throughout your home, behind the walls, ceilings, under your floors and out to the city water main. Replacing the system neatly and efficiently requires expertise in plumbing as well as drywall, painting and professional project management. Our staff does it all.

Before we begin work, a project manager will meet with you to review the work process. Once we start, we take great care to control dust and debris; the first step is to totally surround the work areas with plastic sheeting and drop cloths to protect your home. The plumbing team selectively cuts small holes through which they install your new pipes and fittings. Each drywall pieces is carefully numbered so that the finishers can efficiently and seamlessly patch the drywall.

At the end of each day of work, we clean up the work site and carry away debris. Most important, we guarantee that you will have water every afternoon when we leave your house, and in most cases water will only be off during the first day of the job.

For the average home, the plumbing is complete in one day, and the entire process only takes 3-5 days from start to finish. The cost is much less than you might expect and we offer financing to meet almost any budget.

Our 25-Year Warranty Is The Best In The Industry


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Realtors® and Home Inspectors

How Can You Help Clients With Defective Polybutylene or Pex Pipes?

Failed polybutylene pipe can cause expensive repairs due to leaks and flooding.

Your client will face hard decisions when faced with defective pipes. The seller needs to decide whether to replace the pipes or reduce the price of the house. The buyer needs to decide if she wants a house with defective pipes. There will be problems with lenders and insurance companies.

We can help. Our One Call Repipe process is in complete compliance with the strict guidelines of local and national plumbing codes and our warrantees are second to none. So when the time comes to recommend a repipe, give us a call. We have the most experience—nationwide—with repiping homes, so let us put that experience to work for you

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